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Comfort Mens Wear

Your Guide to Buying Men’s Designer Jumpers on a Budget

So, you want a designer jumper? You’re not alone! Designer clothing is more popular than ever; and it’s not just about designer suits or fancy wear, either! Casual designer wear is becoming a staple in the wardrobes of people across the world as more and more people realize the many benefits of buying designer clothing.

One of the most popular types of casual designer clothing for men is men’s designer jumpers. Jumpers may come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors and patterns, but one thing that all designer jumpers have in common in this: high quality, great comfort, and wonderful style.

If you are interested in buying men’s designer jumpers but don’t necessarily have the budget so simply run into the shop and snag up everything you want, the following guide will help you on your way to buying men’s designer jumpers on a budget income.

Budget Method #1: Buy your jumpers in the “off seasons”

Jumpers are most popular in the fall and wintertime, when the weather gets especially cold and people may experience everything from a chilly autumn night to a winter full of snow, ice, and storms. Because the weather dips so low in these months, it is considered the “season” for jumpers—not just men’s designer jumpers, but all jumpers. In popular shopping districts, jumpers may sell like hotcakes as soon as the weather gets cold, and some stores or brands may even slightly increase prices due to increased demand.

The key to getting your men’s designer jumpers at a lower price is to shop for them in the off season. The off season is usually during the spring and summer, when the weather gets warmer and the need for jumpers is not quite as strong. During these seasons, jumpers are usually not bestsellers and many stores will then price their men’s designer jumpers much lower than they would during the “jumper season.”

Budget Method #2: Buy used designer jumpers

Used clothing has a bad reputation, but it does not need to make you shudder or think of secondhand clothing horror stories—used designer clothing can be purchased in great, or sometimes even “like new,” condition and is a great option if you want the look of designer clothing but don’t really want to spend the full price.

Used men’s designer jumpers can be found in just about any used clothing shop; there are also plenty of auction sites, secondhand online shops, and so on, where a used designer jumper might be sold.

Budget Method #3: Be willing to compromise

Sometimes, you can’t get exactly everything that you want—for example, you might have your heart set on a bright blue jumper made with high quality knit from a specific company but priced under a certain amount. And, unfortunately, you may not be able to find a jumper that meets all of this criteria for the price you can pay—in cases like these, you must be willing to compromise and purchase something different (but still wanted) for a better price.

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Characteristics of Boxer Shorts

Buying boxer shorts may be one of the hardest tasks that you have to do if you do not have a good idea on the guidelines that you need to follow. One of the best ways to deal with this concern is to check out what to expect from these products.


Loose boxers usually refer to elastic boxer shorts. One of the most notable characteristics of this product is the ability to give enough support even if the wearer is usually performing stressful activities. The general appearance of the product when it is worn is another important attribute of this product.


Because most types of loose boxers are rarely stretchy, the manufacturers came up with the balloon seat mechanism. This feature consists of a generous panel of fabric that closely fits the wearer. This part is usually located on the center rear part of the boxers. This helps in accommodating various movements of the person wearing it. This feature is especially helpful if the person is bending forward.

The most typical sewing design for loose boxers is a panel seat. In turn, this panel seat will contain two seams that run along the outer parts of the back seat area. Eventually, this pattern can help create the desired center rear panel for a better fit. Most types of commercial loose boxers that are mass produced are typically created using this method. Aside from coming up with a flexible yet sturdy design, this can help the manufacturers reach their daily product yield faster.


Because some wearers find the boxers too loose for everyday wear, the manufacturers eventually found a way to deal with this problem. They created a built in pouch for each pair of boxers to help add space while providing enough support for the crotch area. For athletes, some manufacturers even added a jockstrap. A jockstrap is mainly used to support the crotch area while performing vigorous physical activity. For some males, this becomes a fashion addition that can serve as a nice alternative for boxers. This is mainly composed of a waistband and at least two elastic straps.

Hopefully, this article has helped you check out some of the important qualities that you have to expect from boxers. In the long run, these can serve as baseline for you everytime you buy this type of underwear.

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A Fashion Icon Inspired Jumper

Audrey Hepburn was a fashion icon to say the least.  Her 1960’s styles still continue to rock the runways each year.  It was her simple yet refined, elegance that took the world by storm.  Even today, women are captivated by her grace and style.  Many fashion designers have worked diligently to bring to life many inspired clothing articles, which still hold merit today.

One of the things Audrey Hepburn did best was stick with classic looks.  In a time when Marilyn Monroe and other noteworthy Hollywood’s were in vogue, Hepburn shied away from fashion trends and instead gave herself a look that was simple and classical.  Her background in ballet perhaps lead her to believe that style was a form of natural grace and a woman could extend this aspect of herself into the clothes she wore.

The “Audrey Jumper

The “Audrey Jumper” is one of those timeless pieces and is a fashion icon inspired jumper, which rests comfortably in any wardrobe.  It is being worn by the Hollywood fashion world but shhhhh…. don’t tell them it’s not a trend!  Although today Audrey herself is touted as one of the biggest fashionistas of her time, her looks translate into the everyday woman’s life unlike many fashion trends.  Her motto was always to wear what looks good on you, rather than what was current.

The history of this look goes back to Audrey’s ability to transform simple, casual style into a charming look.  Knitwear has become a popular fashion must and owning a timeless jumper inspired by someone who could do casual with flair is the perfect wardrobe addition.  The hip, size-zippered knit is one you can don anywhere.  Dress it down with a pair of skinny jeans and sling back heels or consider pairing it with this seasons full skirt.

As with most fashion styles, the seasons trends will eventually fade away leaving a closet full of yesterdays past wears.  Luckily you cannot go wrong with a fashion icon inspired jumper like the Audrey jumper, little black dress or Jackie style fashion items.  Regardless of how casual the look, there is something so refined about a comfy knit that creates the image of sophisticated without trying too hard.  Next time you don an Audrey inspired article or accessory, consider how this look makes a clear statement that class and sophistication are timeless elements and belong in a woman’s closet for eternity.

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Over The Horizon: Haper Adams Horizontal Shirt

Men’s fashion can be complex because men have such simple tastes. Men aren’t as heavy into fashion as women are and they are often limited when it comes to designs. A mans closet needs to have casual pants, casual shirts, and dress shirts to match their suits. So when a new fashion comes around that every man should have in his closet, it needs to be show cased. Just because a man doesn’t have a love for fashion, doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t have a love for looking sharp.

Every man needs to look sharp and the Harper Adams Horizontal Shirt is the best way to do it. This latest fashion trend is made from cotton and is designed with horizontal stripes. It has a button down collar and a button placket with a concealed fly for subtlety. This is long sleeved, making it perfect for dressing up, has a single chest pocket that can be used to hold pens or your phone. This shirt also has button cuffs for a professional look or rolling up the sleeves with ease for a more comfortable look.

This shirt is the perfect shirt for men because it can be worn for multiple occasions. You can match this shirt with a nice pair of slacks, a matching jacket, and shoes, making it the perfect shirt to compliment a suit for the office. If you want a cool chic look, you can combine this shirt with a pair of skinny jeans without a tie. Compliment this look with a pair of loafers or a pair of high top sneakers for a look that it cool and relaxed. If you want to add a more casual touch to this look, you can roll the sleeves up to a quarter sleeve.

The Harper Adams Horizontal Shirt is a must have for every man because it has a simple design that makes it perfect to have for wearing to work. If you have to dress professionally in the office, you want a shirt that is going to be comfortable and complimentary to your attire. The stripe design and button pattern makes it perfect to wear to work. For the few men who have a love for fashion, this shirt is simple enough to match with any pants and shoes, so you have the freedom to play around with different styles to find your look.

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The Perfect Leggings

Leggings are a fashion staple, and these Indigo Pop Leggings are perfect for a wide range of styles.  These slim fit skinny jean leggings have an elastic waistband and faux pocket detail that work great with everything from a basic tee to a bold patterned top.

Denim leggings, or jeggings as many call them, are a great addition to your wardrobe.  You get the look of jeans, with the tighter fit of leggings in a softer, less constricting material.  Jeggings are one of the hottest looks right now, and their beauty is in how many different styles you can create out of just this one piece.

The Indigo Pop Leggings are a dark wash, which makes them versatile enough for both dressier and casual looks.  For an updated chic look, pair them with a white button down, and add a belt cinched in at the waist on top.  You can also add a fitted blazer for a casual office look.  The dark color of these leggings also make them great for wearing with soft, flowing tunics for a sophisticated look.

Denim leggings can be a bit more forgiving than other types of leggings due to their thicker fabric.  The added stretch in these from the lycra make sure they hug and shape your curves, without being too uncomfortable to breathe.

Even though leggings are one of the hottest styles right now, there are some general rules to keep in mind when deciding how to wear them.  The first rule of thumb is to make sure they actually fit you.  If they are too tight, you will do nothing more than give yourself a lovely muffin top and the dreaded camel toe.  If they are too loose, you will end up having to yank them up all day to avoid the ever annoying dropped crotch look that does not look good on anyone!

The great thing about the Indigo Pop Leggings is their beautiful, dark coloring.  This color is super slimming, and creates a great silhouette without drawing too much attention to your bottom half.  No matter what size you are, adding a bold, patterned top will make sure all eyes are on your upper half where they should be.

Another rule about wearing leggings.  You should always make sure that your top covers at least ¾’s of your butt when you are bending over.  Pairing a tight top with leggings is a no no.  No, really, no one should do it!  You want to look hot, but not like you forgot to put your skirt on this morning!

Denim leggings are perfect for wearing with tunic style tops, and they even work under mini skirts and dresses when you want a bit more coverage.

If you are a curvy girl, and think you can’t pull of this look, think again.  The secret to wearing leggings when you have curves is balance.  Pairing the Indigo Pop Leggings with a bright or patterned top will draw the eyes upward.  For even more attention grabbing balance, wear statement accessories to really set of your top half without sacrificing style.

Dark wash denim leggings can be dressed up or down depending on what you pair them with.  Your shoes can also create new looks with them as well.  Ballet flats give a sweet innocent vibe, whereas high heels and wedges give you a hotter, leggier look.

No matter what your size, shape, or fashion sense, denim leggings are a wardrobe staple.  If you want a blank canvas that will help you create an endless amount of styles, get your Indigo Pop Leggings today!

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Mens Jeans

There is a popular saying that insists that the clothes make the man.  While this might be a highly debatable truism, it can be reasonably asserted that the right pair of jeans is crucial to bringing any outfit together.

Current trends in men’s jeans tend to favor function and comfort over variety.  The most popular and versatile styles include the straight leg and boot cut jeans.A man’s closet must include some combination of the two in order to be considered complete.  There is also a current trend towards skinnier, fitted jeans for men.

The difference between straight leg and boot cut jeans lies in the fit.  The former has a slightly tighter fit than the latter, although both are considerably wide through the leg and down to the ankle.  Men’s jeans are also available in a range of denims, from softer washes to tougher fabrics.  In terms of color, the most popular options for men’s jeans are black and blue.  The range of blue jeans available to men runs the gamut from a light, almost faded blue to a dark, inky black blue.  Jeans in other, more atypical colors such as brown, green, and grey are also available to men.  However, these types of color palettes follow the more modern, hipster trend in men’s clothing and are not really popular with a lot of men.

Skinny or tapered men’s jeans are part of the current trend to modernity in men’s clothing.  With a tighter fit and tapered ankle, they are typically available in bright colors as well as the more traditional blacks and blues.  Worn with a pair of dark shoes or flat boots, skinny jeans and a fitted shirt can look very attractive on a man.  However, most men are more comfortable with a more classic denim look.

Jeans, despite their ubiquity in Western and global culture, are not suitable in a variety of contexts.  They are completely out of place in a professional workplace environment.  The only exception to this is when one has an outdoor job such as landscaping or construction.  Jeans are also entirely inappropriate for any formal or semi-formal event.  On such occasions, a man must wear formal trousers or khakis.  Many high end restaurants will not seat diners clothed in denim.  Country clubs and golf courses almost invariably have a policy against allowing members or their guests to wear denim.  These restrictions on the wearing of denim in what are considered professional settings and nice environments stem from the origins of denim.  Originally developed as a tough and durable material from which to make workmen’s clothes, denim began its long career in the popular consciousness as a symbol of the blue collar worker.  Despite its insane popularity and the fact that it is enthusiastically embraced by all members of society from the very rich to the very poor, denim still seems to retain the stigma associated with its humble origins.  However no man’s wardrobe can do without a few pairs of well-worn jeans.

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Suits give off an air of professionalism

Whenever I see a man in a suit I think he looks professional and very smart. This is because we have been bought up to associate suits with professionalism. A lot of people who wear suits on a daily basis do so because they need to wear them for work, while others like the look of them.

You can buy a lot of different suits and you can pretty much always tell which suits are cheap and which ones cost a little more. This is because more effort and care has been put into making the more costly ones, whereas the cheaper ones have been made using material that doesn’t always look or feel that great.

If you want to look smart or you want to buy a suit so someone else looks smart then you should think about having a look online. This is because you will find a great range of suits there, and the range will be reflected in the price too. This means that if you’re looking for a relatively cheap suit, you can find one easily, but if you’re looking for a more expensive one, you can find one of those easily too.

Before buying the suit you should be aware of your measurements or the measurements of the person you’re buying the suit for. This is so you can be certain you’re buying the right size and you won’t have to return it. Thankfully in an effort to make things quite a bit easier for you, most websites that sell clothes have a sizing guide or chart of some sort, which means you can check your measurements against the size of the clothes there and see what is likely to fit. Different shops have different sizes, so please make sure that no matter where you shop, you do the sensible thing and check out their size charts and guides. This will help to make the whole experience of shopping online so much better for you.

Have a look for some suits today and see how much money and time you can save by shopping online.

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What Menswear Photography Entails

Menswear photography can take the form of action shots, or models parading down the runway showcasing the latest fashion collections, or still life product shots.

Capturing models or apparel on digital images in a way that is enticing to the targeted consumers requires a keen eye. When shooting the fashion collections of famous designers, for instance, a good photographer will be able to depict, through his/her photos, the creative vision for the men’s clothing.



Whether you specialize in standard or fashion photography, you can cover events and take photographs of the latest menswear collections – with a goal in mind. More often than not, it’s to promote the product brand/collection. In many instances, celebrity models are used and they help reinforce the brand or the attitudes associated with the brand.

Leading sportswear brands/firms with a dedicated menswear following usually enlist the services of internationally acclaimed fashion photographers for their global advertising campaigns. These professional photographers are well-acquainted with leading brands and designers’ overall trend direction or thrusts, and inspiration.

They may take product shots – whereby the core products are photographed as part of a composition – or people shots (often including a celebrity image model or brand endorser). One of the most challenging projects, perhaps, is capturing famous athletes in action while donning branded apparel. Less action-oriented menswear photography, on the other hand, may be done in a controlled environment like a studio.



When shooting menswear – whether for fashion magazines, billboards, coffee table books or photographic postcards – photographers utilize various techniquesA good photographer must be armed not just with technical knowledge or experience in using modern photographic tools, but must also possess creativity and imagination.

If you don’t have these qualities, much less the dedication to endure long shoots (like if you need to photograph a full range of menswear collection for a certain country), then you’re bound to lose clients; they can always turn to professional photographers imbued with passion and talent.

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Mens baggy jeans

I have to be honest here and state here that as a woman I loathe mens baggy jeans. Why on earth would any man want to look fatter than he is by wearing baggy jeans? For me there is no finer sight than that of a man’s bottom wrapped up all neat and pert in a pair of well-fitting jeans and yet so many men are trending towards this horrible and frankly quite scruffy style. At best, mens baggy jeans look just plain scruffy and why they think it is acceptable to have their underpants showing above the waistband of their jeans is beyond me. Actually only this week I noticed some youths outside of my house, not doing anything wrong, but one of them had more underwear showing as outerwear that was really necessary. Another had his jeans so baggy and low that he really looked like he had been a fat man who had lost a lot of weight but forgot to buy new clothes that actually fit him properly. Do these not have mirrors in their homes? In some states in the USA wearing of baggy mens jeans in this way is actually a criminal offence under decency and exposure laws and I can understand why. I don’t want to be subjected to seeing someone’s nether regions on display; it is down right offensive whether it is fashionable or not. No, give me a man in a pair of well-fitting straight leg jeans any day of the week.

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Show off Your Quirky Style with Lacoste

Lacoste is the leading brand in stylish sporty clothes for generations now. They’re signature crocodile logo can be spotted from anymore. Lacoste has some of the most stylish and unique clothes in many different colors and unique patterns for both men and women. They also offer watches, purses, and unique sports clothes. They are the most famous for their polos which look great with jeans, skirts, and even on the tennis court. They come in almost every color imaginable and look great on both men and women. Lacoste also makes really nice sunglasses which have uv protection, so you can keep your eyes protected at sporting events. Their clothes are especially great for athletes because they use high quality material which is also light and comfortable. If you are into out door sports or just wearing something comfortable and cute when you are out, then this brand is perfect for you!

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